Saturday, December 7, 2013

Keeping a List and Checking It Twice – Part 2: Housekeeping and decorating

Keeping a List and Checking It Twice – Part 2: Housekeeping and decorating
In my last guest entry on the blog, I filled you all in on the fact that I will soon be hosting what I have dubbed the Pearson Family Christmas Spectacular and we talked through some of the meal prep I’ve been doing.  Today, I’ll fill you in on my efforts to prepare the house.

Now, my home isn’t big and it’s kind of old.  But, it’s charming and well suited for our family of two plus a dog.  As much as I love our home and love to invite people to visit, I am actually a little concerned about how I am going to comfortably host the Pearson Family Christmas Spectacular.  Here are my concerns:
  1. Cleanliness.  As in, it won’t be clean when they arrive, won’t be kept clean when they are here, and it will be even less clean when they depart.
  2. Christmas decorations.  I’m worried the house won’t look festive enough.
  3. Accommodations.  Do we have a bed for everyone?  No, we don’t.

Just writing these down are making me stress a little bit.  Good thing that I thought about this a few months ago and came up with my task list.  Annnd, already completed some of them.  Woo-hooo!  Here’s what I’ve done, so far:

Hired a cleaning lady.  I actually had/have some weird guilt associated with this decision; but, I think it will disappear when I realize that the house will be clean before, during, and after the Pearson Family Christmas Spectacular.  To find this cleaning service, I contacted a good friend whose family lives in my area and asked who her mother uses.  Minutes later, I had the phone number of a trusted cleaning lady referred by someone I know.  I hired the lady to do a deep clean before the Pearsons arrive and then after they leave.  I think I can handle whatever happens while they are here.  Having a professional take over this job is definitely the right choice.  The guilt is already dissipating…

Started decorating.  My husband and I are usually pretty late to the Christmas decorating game; but not this year.  The garland went up on the mantle before Thanksgiving, the light went up promptly this past Sunday, and the wreaths are already on the door.  We’ll still cut down our tree together next weekend – some traditions are worth keeping no matter what.

Bought beds at fall sales.  Okay, we still don’t have a bed for everyone but all adults will have a bed and not an air mattress.  I am proud of us, however, because we planned ahead and bought beds and mattresses this fall at the Labor Day and Columbus Day sales.  The guest rooms aren’t perfect and the furniture doesn’t quite match; but, at least our guests will be able to lie down.   

There’s still so much to do.  Flowers, table cloths, stockings, air mattress for the kiddos…Thank God that I have my plan to get it all done.

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